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Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is a great base for salad dressings and pasta sauces, and can be dotted over cooked vegetables for a bit of instant pep. 

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Product Description

Garlic oil Basic information

Areas of use of Daily Fragrances:

1. Perfume (body perfume, car perfume, clothing fragrance)
2. Skin care, cosmetics, shampoo, soap
3. Laundry detergent/powder, detergent, glass water, industrial freshener, medical products
4. Craft candles, stationery, gifts, toys
5. Plastic products (PP, PVC, PE, EVA, rubber, automotive panels)
6. Cover coatings, paints, industrial odors 
7. Deodorant, landfill, garbage transfer station
8. Cat litter, bath salt, bath litter, pet supplies
9. External Chinese medicine derivatives: eye masks, masks, ice stickers, plasters, etc. 
10. incense (mosquito incense, Buddha incense, high-end DIY fragrance) incense (five-star hotel fragrance and business fragrance, etiquette fragrance, cinema fragrance)
11. Holiday fragrance (Christmas funny fragrance), scene fragrance, food store fragrance, special fragrance (coffee shop, bakery etc.)
12. Industrial fragrance (unboxing pleasure, European and American and major companies have begun to apply) 
13. Removal feather smell,leather fragrance, cloth fragrance, clothes (kitchen) fragrance 
14. industrial fragrance type (fertilizer fragrance, flowers fragrance)
15. Dog repellent, cat repellent, etc.
16. As long as you can smell it, we can make.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Product Name:

Garlic oil


GARLIC,OILOFGARLIC;STEAM-DISTILLEDGARLICOIL;Garlic oil;Essential oils, garlic;Garlic oil,natural;Garlic oil blend ;Natural Allitridi;GARLIC OIL (ALLIUM SATIVUM L.)









Product Categories:


Mol File:

Mol File

Garlic oil Chemical Properties


1.083 g/mL at 25 °C



refractive index 

n20/D 1.575


118 °F

EPA Substance Registry System

Garlic oil (8000-78-0)

Garlic oil Safety Information

Hazard Codes 


Risk Statements 


Safety Statements 



UN 1993 3/PG 3

WGK Germany 




Garlic oil MSDS Information

Garlic oil Usage And Synthesis

Pharmaceutical Applications

Garlic (A. sativum) root bulb has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Allicin is an active component of garlic consisting of a high concentration of sulfur-containing amino acids, which is formed when allicin comes in contact with enzyme alliinase (Tattelman 2005). Garlic has important antineoplastic property. Various studies have shown that consumption of high levels of garlic decreases the risk of colon cancer, stomach cancer, and melanomas by inhibiting the growth and proliferation of cancer cells (Anand et al. 2008; Tattelman 2005). A previous study demonstrated that water extract of fresh garlic had apoptotic effect on cancerous cells and prevented the inception of oral carcinoma (Balasenthil et al. 2002). Another study using 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA)-induced buccal pouch cancer model reported that garlic caused apoptosis of malignant cells (Hsu et al. 2004). It can act as an anticarcinogenic agent by scavenging the free radicals, increasing glutathione levels, increasing the activities of enzymes such as glutathione S transferase and catalase, inhibiting cytochrome p450 enzyme, and inducing DNA repair mechanisms; at the same time, it can prevent chromosomal damages (Anand et al. 2008). Garlic therefore is an alternative therapeutic agent for primary as well as invasive cancer (Balasenthil et al. 2002).


§184.1317(a) Garlic is the fresh or dehydrated bulb or cloves obtained from Allium sativum, a genus of the lily family. Its derivatives include essential oils, oleoresins, and natural extractives obtained from garlic.

Chemical Properties

Obtained in 0.1 to 0.2% yields by steam distillation of the crushed bulbs or cloves; sometimes the whole plant is dis- tilled The essential oil has an extremely intense odor to a certain degree reminiscent of garlic, but with a mercaptan-like note.

Physical properties

The oil obtained from bulbs is a clear, pale-yellow to reddish-orange liquid It is soluble in most fxed oils and mineral oil It may be incompletely soluble in alcohol It is insoluble in glycerin and propylene glycol.


Inactive analog of genistein. Blocks the G1 phase of the cell cycle in Swiss 3T3 cells by inhibiting kinase II activity. Soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide.


As a spice and seasoning in foods.

Essential oil composition

Garlic oil is composed of sulfur-containing compounds (diallyldisulfide, methylallyltrisulfide, diallyltrisulfide). The oil contains allyl propyl disulfide, allyl di- and trisulfide and probably some allyl tetrasulfide, divinyl sulfide, allyl vinyl sulfoxide, allicin and other minor components. Allicin is responsible for the characteristic odor of the essential oil and for the odor liberated from the crushed garlic clove.


Moderately toxic by ingestion

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