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  • Gamma nonanolide is a new type of green plant growth regulator. Gamma nonanolide is often used to promote the growth of various vegetables and fruits. Gamma nonanolide can improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, and gamma nonanolide can promote roots. It has the functions of strengthening seedlings, protecting flowers and fruits, and can significantly alleviate the occurrence of phytotoxicity, so that crops can quickly resume growth.


  • Celestolide'physical and chemical indicators Celestolide'appearance: white solid crystal. Celestolide'fragrance: It has a warm, pleasant and rich musky-like animal aroma, with a slight powdery and woody aroma. The aroma is soft and powerful, and has good durability. Celestolide'melting point: 76.7~77.2℃, 112~114℃ (0.067kPa). The boiling point is 112~114℃ (66.7Pa). Flash point: greater than 100°C. Edit this paragraph preparation Celestolide is obtained by cycloalkylation of tert-butylbenzene and isoprene in the presence of sulfuric acid and then acetylation in the presence of aluminum trichloride. Collapse edit the purpose of this paragraph Because of Celestolide'good stability, resistance to discoloration, and long-lasting fragrance, Celestolide is used as a fixative for cosmetic fragrances and soap fragrances.


  • Gamma undecalactone or aldehyde C-14 is one of lactones,its CAS 104-67-6


  • The efficacy and role of Natural Menthol Crystals