• Aroma chemicals is a general term for all hydrocarbons with aromatic benzene ring or heterocyclic ring. Can be divided into two categories.


  • Aromatic compound is a kind of compound with aromatic ring structure. They are stable in structure, not easy to decompose, and may cause serious pollution to the environment. Historically, a class of aromatic substances obtained from vegetable gums was called aroma chemicals. aroma chemicals generally refer to cyclic compounds containing at least one delocalized bond in the molecule, but there are examples of modern aroma chemicals that do not contain a benzene ring. aroma chemicals all have "aromaticity".


  • US Natural Gamma Undecalactone is widely used in edible flavors and tobacco flavors. It is naturally present in dairy products such as coconut and milk, and is obtained by lactonizing 2-hexylcyclopentanone.


  • Oleoresin is an oily product extracted from spices with non-toxic solvents. Contains essential oils and non-volatile components that have an effect on taste and enhance fragrance. Pepper can be extracted to obtain concentrated capsaicin and its derivatives, and black pepper can be extracted to obtain piperine and its homologues.


  • Fragrances is an alcoholic solution of essence, plus an appropriate amount of fragrance fixer.It has a fragrant and rich fragrance, the main function is to spray on the front of the clothes, handkerchiefs and hairline, and it is one of the important cosmetics to exude a pleasant fragrance.The amount of fragrance in fragrances is relatively high, generally 15%~25%, ethanol concentration is 75%~85%, adding 5% water can make the fragrance transparent.Alcohol has a great influence on fragrancess, toilet water and other products, and it should not have the slightest odor.Especially fragrances, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the aroma.


  • Gamma nonanolide is a new type of green plant growth regulator. Gamma nonanolide is often used to promote the growth of various vegetables and fruits. Gamma nonanolide can improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, and gamma nonanolide can promote roots. It has the functions of strengthening seedlings, protecting flowers and fruits, and can significantly alleviate the occurrence of phytotoxicity, so that crops can quickly resume growth.