Industry news

  • In order to enhance international competitiveness, garlic is further processed, especially high-quality garlic oil.


  • Garlic oil is a broad-spectrum antibacterial substance that has various pharmacological functions such as activating cells, promoting energy production, increasing antibacterial and antiviral capabilities, accelerating metabolism, and alleviating fatigue.


  • The main tree species suitable for extracting natural camphor in China are as follows: ① Camphor tree. Camphor, also known as camphor, is the most important tree species to extract camphor and camphor oil. ② Cinnamomum bodinieri. ③ C. glanduliferum.


  • Borneol, also known as borneol in ancient times, is the processing crystal of borneol resin, an evergreen tree of borneol family, and one of the commonly used traditional Chinese medicines. Natural borneol can be divided into borneol and wormwood. The latter is the crystal extracted from the leaves of the composite plant Aina. Borneol is the authentic borneol, and the main component is borneol


  • 2-Methyl-2-pentenoic acid returned to production at the end of September, and a large number of goods were supplied stably.


  • Lavender oil is extracted from lavender, which can clear away heat and detoxify, clean skin, control oil content, remove freckles and whitening, remove wrinkles and tender skin, remove dark circles under the eyes, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. It can purify and pacify the mind, reduce the feeling of anger and exhaustion, and make people feel calm and calm about life. It has sedative effect on the heart, can reduce hypertension, soothe palpitation, and is helpful for insomnia. Mainly for: acne, pockmarks, blackheads, sensitive, water and oil imbalance, large pores and other skin problems.