Industry news

  • Flavor, as the art work of perfumers, has artistic attributes. There are different trends and different schools in different periods. The responsibility of the perfumer is to formulate flavor products that satisfy customers, meet the trend, and sell well.


  • As an industrial product, flavors have their quality specifications. Although the quality indicators of various manufacturers are different, the following properties are required.


  • (1) According to the purpose of flavor: Flavors can be divided into three categories: daily flavors, edible flavors and flavors for other purposes. (2) According to the aroma or fragrance of the essence: Fragrance, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, grass fragrance for soap. Three flowers, bell flowers, sweet-scented osmanthus, fruit flavors for creams.


  • Flavor is a kind of artificially formulated mixture containing two or more or even dozens of spices (sometimes with suitable solvents or carriers) and a certain aroma.


  • Substitution reaction It is one of the important reactions of most aroma chemicals, and more complex compounds can be synthesized from simple aroma chemicals through substitution reactions.


  • Aroma chemicals is a general term for all hydrocarbons with aromatic benzene ring or heterocyclic ring. Can be divided into two categories.