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Natural VS Synthetic aroma chemicals


Natural VS Synthetic aroma chemicals

Aroma chemicals enhance the aromatic profile of the formulations they are blended into by emulating the aromas and fragrances found in nature or creating a new scent altogether. There are two varieties of aroma chemicals available: natural and synthetic. Natural aroma chemicals are extracted from plants and occasionally even animals but, New Directions Aromatics only offers plant-based aroma chemicals. Synthetic aroma chemicals are developed in a laboratory, without containing the original plant extract, to imitate scents found in nature, which enables manufacturers to formulate new fragrances.

Natural aroma chemicals are believed to have mood-enhancing properties since various aromas can influence a person's overall mood. Natural aroma chemicals are mild and are also less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Obtained from nature, and more specifically, from plants, they provide an aroma that can enrich the product with their highly coveted scents. The distinct scent of natural aroma chemicals is sometimes hampered because of surrounding factors and the growing conditions of the plant that the aroma chemical is obtained from. The plant may undergo subtle changes caused by a change in temperature, precipitation, wind, sunlight, and soil. These changes in the growing conditions of crops can impact the fragrance of natural aroma chemicals. Although the difference is not drastic, perfumers may need to adjust their formulations accordingly. Natural aroma chemicals can be expensive and rare, but they provide high-quality fragrances.

Synthetic aroma chemicals are long-lasting and complex aromas that are formulated to imitate the aromas found in nature. They are produced at a very low cost using petroleum and aromatic compounds but do not contain the original plant extract. However, synthetic aroma chemicals offer a wide range of fragrances, which allows perfumers to work with a more extensive scent palette consisting of both new and classic nature-imitating scents. These aroma chemicals are analyzed and formulated in such a way that their composition, odor, price, and market availability can be predicted since growing conditions and temperatures do not impact production. Large quantities of synthetic aroma chemicals are available in the market today and the quality of these aroma chemicals stays consistent because of how they are formulated. Synthetic aroma chemicals provide a steady supply to growing market demands since they can produce large volumes of aroma chemicals without having variations in the resulting fragrance. The consistency in finished product quality is difficult to achieve with natural aroma chemicals. Synthetic aroma chemicals can also provide a solution for individuals with allergies to natural scents because they are developed without using the actual plant part.
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