Company news

  • Odowell is attending Food ingredient exhibition(FIC) in shanghai March 20-22,2024,booth 71G60/71H61/HongDa group.


  • Odowell employees participated in a research delegation to Gudang, Brazil to conduct inspections and visits to Malaysia's largest oil tank area, palm oil delivery warehouse, and maritime loading and unloading terminal. This field research trip also included visits to the oil and chemical factories of international leading enterprises and business negotiations.


  • In addition, Green Tone may also refer to an environmental concept, which is the awareness of protecting the Earth and the natural environment. This concept emphasizes measures such as reducing pollution, conserving resources, and using renewable energy to achieve sustainable development.


  • "We feel extremely honored and proud to have participated in an international conference like the IFEAT conference. Although we are only a small company from the beautiful country of China, we are extremely We are grateful that IFEAT has created conditions for us to attend this conference. We always try our best every day so that in the future there will be more opportunities to cooperate with international friends! "_ Leader of Kunshan Odowell Co., Ltd spoke.


  • On August 22-23,Kunshan Odowell Co Ltd management was at Shandong production site discussing with founder Mr.Zhang and exective assistant for food and feed industry strategy development. first stage project of shandong production unit covers 260000 m2 was completed and put into use March 2023 with total design production capacity 270000tons chemicals.


  • Wintergreen oil is a natural essential oil with high economic value and a wide range of applications. Because of its growing market demand, a variety of synthetic wintergreen oils with the "natural" label are also flowing into the market...


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