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GT refers to the green tone. In the field of music, Green Tone may refer to music related to nature, relaxation, meditation, and more. In natural sound albums, Green Tone may refer to sounds related to nature, such as flowing water, wind, bird songs, etc.

In addition, Green Tone may also refer to an environmental concept, which is the awareness of protecting the Earth and the natural environment. This concept emphasizes measures such as reducing pollution, conserving resources, and using renewable energy to achieve sustainable development.

In short, the meaning of Green Tone may vary depending on the field and background, but it is all related to nature, environmental protection, and relaxation.

aroma chemical such as Allyl amyl glycolate(AAG) cas# 67634-00-8 cas# 67634-01-9 Aceticacid, (3- methylbutoxy), 2-propenyl ester; aag were synthesized in 1960s. This composite not only has a signature white rosin aroma(Searching rosin ingredients, Odowell produces Pine Cone essential oil ODOWELL in 2023,Pine cone ODOWELL comes from Xiaoxin Anlin Forest in China.), but also a penetrating green tone, a cool metallic feel, and pineapple like fruit characteristics. Extremely frequently compared to the smell of canned pineapple; The real fame comes from the release of Davidoff Cool Water (which contains approximately 3% AAG). Subsequently, a large number of substances with similar olfactory impressions to Allyl amyl glycolate(AAG) were synthesized: Allyl amyl glycolate(AAG) ODOWELL, Allyl cyclohexyloxyacetate(cyclogalbanate) ODOWELL, Spirogalbanone(GIVAUDAN), Pharaone(GIVAUDAN), and other compounds.

When you pull off the leaves and press them with your fingers, almost all plants begin to release this compound.Thoseatoms: cis-3-hexenal CAS#6789-80-6, trans-2-hexenal cas#6728-26-3 ODOWELL, cis-3-hexenol cas#928-96-1 ODOWELL, and ester derivatives of these alcohols. Pure cis-3-hexenol cas#928-96-1 smells strong and even pungent. Its isomer, trans-3-hexenol cas#928-97-2, also has a strong and bitter odor, with a earthy and floral aroma. The odor of trans 2-hexenol cas#928-95-0 ODOWELL is somewhat like that of green banana peel, emitting a waxy and fruity green leaf flavor. cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate CAS#3681-71-8 It has a more fruity aroma than its alcohols, with a distinct pear apple aroma and a hint of banana, melon, and tropical fruit aromas.

cis-3-Hexenyl tiglate CAS#67883-79-8 ; CAS# 84060-80-0  when used in small amounts and at high concentrations, smells like wild mushrooms and is an essential substance for constructing the aroma combination of gardenia flowers.

Cis-3-Hexenyl isovalerate CAS# 35154-45-1  has a green apple like tone and is also used to construct some aroma combinations of wild berries, especially blueberries.

Cis-3-Hexenyl salicylate CAS# 65405-77-8 ODOWELL

combines with common green and floral aromas found in salicylates. It has a strange metallic odor and can also create a smell similar to concrete. This is also why it is so popular in the current trend of mineral breath. The important component of Tom Ford's Soleil Neige, Karmaflor, is a captive molecule of Givandan, structurally similar to cis-3-hexenyl salicylate ODOWELL

CAS# 65405-77-8.

Cyclohexene derivatives are all similar, especially Ligustral CAS#68039-49-6 Triplal (Zestover), Isocyclocitral ODOWELL

cas#1335-66-6, and 3,6-ivy carbaldehyde cas#67801-65-4 (Vertoliff IFF). These substances have an extremely strong odor, characterized by aldehydes, as well as subtle aromas of immature citrus peel.