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Odowell participated in a delegation to Malaysia to conduct in-depth research on the palm oil industry


Odowell employees participated in a research delegation to Pasir Gudang to conduct inspections and visits to Malaysia's largest oil tank area, palm oil delivery warehouse, and maritime loading and unloading terminal. This field research trip also included visits to the oil and oleochemical factories of international leading enterprises and business negotiations.

In the process of gaining a deeper understanding of Malaysia's palm oil industry, we fully utilized its advantages in industry research and engaged in in-depth communication with members of the research team. Based on the sharing of domestic production, sales, and inventory data, and through recent research, everyone has gained a clearer understanding of the market.

Our team demonstrated professional competence and deep insight during the investigation of Malaysia's palm oil industry. Their efforts have helped team members better understand the local market and provided strong support for future decisions.

This on-site investigation not only deepened our understanding of Malaysia's palm oil industry, but also further consolidated Zhuochuang Information's leading position in the research field of oil and fat chemical industry.

Odowell will continue to excel in future work, providing customers with better service and information.

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