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Production of turpentine and its derivatives


Five production lines as belew:

1.Gum Rosin/turpentine

The annual production capacity is 12000 tons, and the Turpentine oil is about 1800 tons. The high-quality Masson Pine Resin is mainly used as raw material and the continuous steam process is adopted to ensure the stable product quality.

2.Polymerized rosin line

Annual production capacity of 6000 tons, the use of sulfuric acid-zinc chloride production process makes less production process waste water, high product acid value and high dimer content.

3.Rosin Resin production line

Annual production capacity of 6000 tons, can produce adhesive resin, ink resin, coating resin.

4.TERPINEOL production line

Annual production capacity of 4000 tons (based on terpineol). Using high-quality pine oil as raw material, using advanced two-step process of hydration and dehydration, including pine oil, dipentene, Longifolene and other products, new production equipment, advanced production technology, excellent production technology team, ensure good product quality.


With an annual production capacity of 1000 tons, terpinyl ACETATE is the esterified product of terpineol.




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