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Butyric acid,ethyl butyrate,isobutyric acid and glyceryl tributyrate updates


The new production capacity of Chinese butyric acid and ethyl butyrate began to be put on the market in December 2021. Kunshan Odowell as the world's main supplier and collaborator of low-carbon esters, we are pleased to see the final output of the 4-year-old project. China has implemented the supply-side reform since 2015. The high-energy chemical industry, especially the flavour and fragrance industry of fine chemicals, has experienced production restrictions and relocation, conveying tension and uneasiness from the supply side to customers around the world. By the end of 2021, we have observed that the supply capacity of not only partial categories is in Nirvana. After the high level of rebirth, the next stage will be to provide more stable supplies and services to customers around the world. We are committed to integrating the knowledge, technology and talents of the flavour and fragrance industry and striving for human health and a better life.


It will be the world's largest manufacturer of butyric acidethyl butyrateisobutyric acidglyceryl tributyrate. Feed additives and alternative antibiotics are the main directions. At present, facing temporary tariffs, freight and energy difficulties, it is expected to gradually improve in 2022. We look forward to a significant increase in the market and good cooperation in the future.