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  • ​Garlic oil is a special substance in garlic, showing a bright and transparent amber liquid.


  • The cinnamon bark oil has a delicate aroma and pungent and sweet taste.


  • Fragrances Aromatherapy essential oils are mainly naturally synthesized (not all, some are mixed with natural and synthetic, and some use natural ingredients, depending on the fragrance), while plant essential oils are naturally derived from plant extracts. Although their ingredients may be different, they can sometimes achieve the same purpose.


  • The products on the market called "essential oils" are mainly divided into three categories.


  • The ancient Egyptians refined the essence as early as 4,000 BC. Perfume has been popular in Egypt for thousands of years, and the fragrance is often diffused in their various religious ceremonies and myths and legends, accompanied by their prayers, love, medical treatment and every day from life to death. Ancient Egyptian essence, what magic power does it make humans so addicted thousands of years ago?


  • Only essential oils are used for aromatherapy, so that you can really appreciate the benefits.The use of essential oils to reflect the high-quality daily life of the middle class, the sentiment and the sense of life rituals are also more effective, and the sense of refinement is full.In the endless combination of fragrances, increasing the sense of ritual and small mood of life can also give great help to the body and mind, especially to relieve the anxiety, stress, depression, tension, insomnia, fast-paced life and work status of urban people. It has an unparalleled magical effect .