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Fragrance and fragrance company to talk about this

Essence can be said to be the soul in perfume, no matter what kind of perfume, indispensable ground needs to add to essence, the fragrance of a bottle of perfume feels quality how, whether get consumer to like, depend on the essence quality that adds, so essence is crucial in perfume. Here, the fragrance and fragrance company, bosdi, talks about the amount of fragrance added to perfume.

The essence quantity that adds in perfume is 3-15% commonly, and the fragrance in perfume is full-bodied or shallow weak, concern with the essence quantity that adds. Because of the action attribute of perfume, a lot of people think the essence content in perfume is more better, be such actually?

This perception is, of course, false. Although the essence in the perfume have the effect of add fragrance in addition to taste, in particular, the role of a sweet smell is very important, but it is good to pay attention to appropriate the fragrance perfume, even some of the more full-bodied fragrance, will not a lot to add flavor, because the perfume of flavor too much later, the heavier fragrance, can appear even pungent uncomfortable taste, so the kinds of perfume essence in accordance with the perfume of control in an appropriate degree.