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Why do we need to add essence in the product?

Essence, is the flavored material in many products, often used in daily chemical industry, its use is very wide, can be seen everywhere on the market of essence is widely used in daily chemical products, common, such as perfume, incense, sweet atmosphere, shower gel, shampoo, paper products, soaps, scented tea sachets, wash protect products such as cosmetic products are need to use the essence.

In these products why are essential to use essence? Flavor and fragrance company - bosdi to give you a simple analysis.

The use of fragrance in products is mainly based on the following reasons:

1. Cover up the smell of raw materials

The raw material of a lot of products contains the odour of different degree, and add essence to the ingredient of these products can cover the odour of raw material and endow the product with pleasant fragrance, it is easy to do and very economic practice.

Second, to meet the preferences of consumers

Consumers in the selection of daily chemical products, will have the habit of smelling its smell, and in two similar products, of course, is a good aroma texture more popular with consumers, so the importance of fragrance in the product is self-evident.

Third, consumption guidance

The fragrance in the product not only brings pleasant sensory enjoyment to the consumer, but also can play a role of consumption guidance. If the fragrance in the product is good and delicate, the quality of the fragrance will make people think that its quality is also very good, so the essence is indispensable in the product.
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