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Do you know essential oils?


The products on the market called "essential oils" are mainly divided into three categories.

1. Pure natural plant essential oil

It is completely extracted from plants. Its chemical composition is very complex and difficult to synthesize. It smells of a natural floral or fermented taste. Its taste is more complex and diverse. This essential oil has health and therapeutic effects on the skin and body, and its price is relatively expensive.

essential oil

2. Synthetic natural oil

It is to extract specific organic molecules from cheap essential oils, and then recombine various organic molecules according to the composition ratio of another expensive essential oil to become a synthetic oil with smell similar to this expensive essential oil.

3. Chemically synthesized essential oils

It is a combination of several chemical substances to simulate another substance. The original family of these synthetic essential oils is natural thelkenes, which undergo decomposition and recombination to produce a variety of aromatic substances.