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The difference between aromatherapy essential oil and unilateral essential oil


Fragrances Aromatherapy essential oils are mainly naturally synthesized (not all, some are mixed with natural and synthetic, and some use natural ingredients, depending on the fragrance), while plant essential oils are naturally derived from plant extracts. Although their ingredients may be different, they can sometimes achieve the same purpose.


Essential Oil plants are pure extracts of plants. In fact, they do not contain the fatty acids commonly found in traditional oils. It is generally a highly concentrated distillate obtained from plants. However, but not all plants can produce certain flavors of essential oils. Natural essential oils are derived from flowers, stems, roots, resins, bark, wood, flowers or herbs.

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Most of these extracted essential oils have aromatic properties and can be used as medicines to treat certain health problems. When using pure essential oils, it needs to be mixed with base oils such as coconut oil and jojoba oil. Plant essential oils contain 50 to 500 natural chemicals. Depending on the plant used, the effects of these chemicals may be good or bad.


Therefore, when using plant essential oils, you need to first understand his ingredients, which substance corresponds to which disease or which discomfort.