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Flavor evaluation

Flavor, as the art work of perfumers, has artistic attributes. There are different trends and different schools in different periods. The responsibility of the perfumer is to formulate flavor products that satisfy customers, meet the trend, and sell well. This is not only a matter of formulation technology, but also involves factors such as aesthetics, psychology, and market economy. Before the flavor formula is designed, the market and the cosmetic formulator must collect enough information about the use and application.

Flavor evaluation items:

1. Identify the aroma characteristics of the sample under review, such as aroma, aroma type, strength, diffusion, persistence and aroma balance.

2. Evaluate its novelty, originality, style and charm from the perspective of psychology and aesthetics.

3. Evaluation of internal quality, such as color, turbidity, and the ability of flavoring to mask the odor of the substrate.

4. To check the quality of the essence and evaluate the fragrance, the main purpose is to understand its authenticity, pros and cons, and whether it is adulterated or not.

5. As the evaluation of the fragrance research and blending process, it mainly smells the fragrance rhyme, top fragrance, body fragrance, base fragrance, coordination degree, fragrance and color changes, etc.