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Feel the power of life from plant essential oils


Plant essential oil is the soul of plants. It can magically enhance people's ability to feel happiness. The essence of nature dances a wonderful and beautiful life for everyone. Plant essential oils not only help physiological functions with rich natural chemical ingredients, but also comfort the mind from the perspective of emotional needs.


Essential oils are composed of many different organic molecules and contain many components, so it is difficult to synthesize them. The constituent molecules of these trace components are the source of plant life.The source of vegetable essential oils is mainly divided into: flowers, grass, wood, fruits, spices, resins, which are the six main classifications of essential oils. According to their natural needs, plants have special functional attributes for various types of parts.

 essential oil

However, because the molecular density is too high, except for lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil, other plant essential oils cannot directly contact the skin and must be used in combination with base oils.


Flower essential oil: gives a warm feeling, first-class aroma, remarkable effect

Grass essential oil: gives a refreshing feeling, naturally relaxing

Wood-based essential oils: give people a quiet feeling

Fruit essential oil: gives a happy feeling, healthy and hearty

Resin essential oil: thick, calm feeling

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