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Things you should pay attention to when aromatherapy with essential oils


Only essential oils are used for aromatherapy, so that you can really appreciate the benefits.The use of essential oils to reflect the high-quality daily life of the middle class, the sentiment and the sense of life rituals are also more effective, and the sense of refinement is full.In the endless combination of fragrances, increasing the sense of ritual and small mood of life can also give great help to the body and mind, especially to relieve the anxiety, stress, depression, tension, insomnia, fast-paced life and work status of urban people. It has an unparalleled magical effect .

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But when using essential oils for aromatherapy, also pay attention to a few small details.


1. No matter how zen the look is, how beautiful the shape is, use a candle aromatherapy lamp, I advise you not to use it, it is not easy to use, it is easy to dry, troublesome, and unsafe. Many novices directly put essential oils and water. You can't feel the goodness of essential oil even if you burn it directly.

2. The scented candle used directly is not recommended. Do not use drops of essential oil in hot water to spread the fragrance. It feels that the taste does not spread well. At the same time, the water cools quickly and you dump it. The essential oil is still a bit wasted.

3. Do not use compound essential oil blended with base oil to make essential oil aromatherapy, which is difficult to volatilize itself, and it will also hinder the physical and chemical functions of some aromatherapy machines. Combined with aroma, it is still pure essential oil.